Podiatrist in Hove - Chiropodist in Hove and Brighton

Welcome to Podiatrust. We specialise in fixing feet and the lower limbs. Our clinic location is in Boundary Road, Hove, East Sussex.

Your feet are probably the most neglected part of your body,often given little or no thought and yet, every day you expect them to perform amazing feats for you (pun intended). Generally you take your feet for granted  and it is not until problems occur that you may consider getting them checked!

How often have you said to yourself “my feet are killing me”! whereas really you should be asking yourself “Am I killing my feet”?The truth is your feet will take you the equivalent of 5 times around the world! That is a lot of walking. Don’t leave it too late. By  looking after them now you will be able to continue living a normal active life doing the things you enjoy with those you love.

At Podiatrust we are proud of our team and  the quality of care and service we provide. We tailor all your treatments personally and specifically to meet your exact needs.

We are known for keeping you on a strong footing and we leave you feeling like you are walking on air!

After bathing your feet, the podiatrist will take care of your toenails and painlessly remove any hard skin and corns. Skin is then sanded , leaving a silky smooth finish, followed by applying cream to your feet.

Routine Chiropody Treatment £46

Rita Tanyous
Clinical Director & Lead Podiatrist