Southwick Podiatry Clinic, NOW Open

We are proud to announce that our brand new, state of the art ,clinic in southwick is now open to the public, offering a range of podiatry clinics for the Brighton and Hove Region.

Podiatry Services available in Southwick Clinic

Below is a list of the services available at our Southwick Podiatry Clinic.


Your feet are probably the most neglected part of your body,often given little or no thought and yet, every day you expect them to perform amazing feats for you (pun intended). Generally you take your feet for granted  and it is not until problems occur that you may consider getting them checked!


Joints do not work in isolation, and biomechanical problems with the feet can affect the rest of the body. A biomechanical assessment will look at your gait, limb length, body alignment and range of movement.

Following assessment, possible treatment plans will be discussed with you. Treatment may consist of:

Dr Comfort orthopedic and diabetic shoes

At Podiatrust we offer a wide selection of Dr Comfort’s Diabetic  and orthopedic shoes and slippers for men and women. We’ll measure your feet in store to ensure the best fit. The shoes come in three different widths (medium, wide and extra wide) and in half sizes to ensure the best fit possible. The extra width and depth of Dr. Comfort shoes alleviate pressure on swollen feet, bunions, hammer toes for a more comfortable fit.


What can a podiatrist do?

It depends on the severity of your condition. For the most basic painful and irritable ingrowing toenail, your podiatrist will remove the offending spike of nail and cover with an antiseptic dressing.If your toe is too painful to touch, your podiatrist may inject a local anaesthetic before removing the offending portion of nail.


A verruca is simply a wart that is usually found on the soles of feet, though they can also appear around the toes. In the early stages, a verruca looks like a small, dark, puncture mark but later turns grey or brown. It may become rough and bumpy with a cauliflower-like appearance and may develop a black spot in the middle, which is caused by bleeding. A verruca can grow to half an inch in diameter and may spread into a cluster of small warts.



Fungal nail infections can cause the nail to discolour, thicken, become brittle and in some cases omit a bad odour. They can cause other problems with the nail such as abnormal growth and/or thickness, splitting, lifting and can become painful.