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A verruca is simply a wart that is usually found on the soles of feet, though they can also appear around the toes. In the early stages, a verruca looks like a small, dark, puncture mark but later turns grey or brown. It may become rough and bumpy with a cauliflower-like appearance and may develop a black spot in the middle, which is caused by bleeding. A verruca can grow to half an inch in diameter and may spread into a cluster of small warts.

Verrucae are caused by the human papiloma virus (HPV). This virus is very contagious, but can only be caught by direct contact. It thrives in warm, moist environments such as swimming pools, changing room floors and bathrooms. So if an infected bare foot walks across the poolside, it may release virus-infected cells onto the floor. If you then walk on the same floor, you can pick the virus up, especially if you have any small or invisible cuts and abrasions that make it even easier for the virus to penetrate. You could also catch the virus from an infected towel.

They are harmless. However, they can cause a sharp, burning pain if you get one on a weight-bearing area such as the ball or the heel of the foot. Because you are constantly pressing on the area when walking, they can protrude into the skin and become more painful.

After initial consultation Podiatrist will choose the most appropriate treatment for you. We currently offer Plasma, cryotheraphy and acid treatment.


Plasma Verruca Treatment is a new, innovative and virtually painless treatment that is suitable for both adults and children

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Acid treatment

Salicylic acid is applied to the wart to disintegrate the viral cells and has a cure rate of 75%. It may need to be applied at weekly intervals over a set period of time.

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This involves freezing warts off with liquid nitrogen or nitrous oxide gas.

You can still swim after this treatment, but it’s not advised for sensitive or anxious children.

In cryotherapy, liquid nitrogen is applied to your wart for a few seconds to freeze and destroy the affected skin cells. After treatment, a sore blister will form, followed by a scab, which will fall off 7-10 days later .

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SWIFT (New)swift_logo

Swift verruca treatment is a new technology, developed in the UK, which has been licenced for the general treatment of verrucas and warts in Podiatry.

Swift verruca treatment uses microwave energy delivered through a special probe applied to the skin to treat the affected tissue.

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