Verucca Pen Plasma Treatment

Plasma Verruca Treatment is a new, innovative and virtually painless treatment that is suitable for both adults and children

The Verruca Pen PE II delivers a concentrated dose of plasma via a sterile micro-probe and triggers an inflammatory response, that effectively sublimates the epidermis tissue. It’s a completely safe verruca session that cauterises and causes minimal damage to surrounding tissue. This service offers your clients comfortable and beautiful feet – and it’s virtually painless!

The aim of the treatment, as with other verruca treatments, is to create a micro-trauma that will be recognised by the body’s immune system and generate an improved immune response to destroy the verruca virus
Hard skin around your verruca is reduced with a blade before treatment. This is a painless process . Using a sterile probe, your verruca is treated with the verruca pen. The tissue of the verruca is destroyed at surface level, leaving your healthy tissue untouched. No dressing is required after the treatment
There is no residual pain or discomfort after treatment. You may need several treatments from 2-4 weeks apartment.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is Plasma?

Plasma is the fourth state of matter. After solid, liquid and gas, comes plasma. It is created when an electrical energy is applied to gas and it ionizes to become high energy plasma. In the case of the Verruca Pen PE II, the gas is oxygen and nitrogen.

How does Plasma work on Verruca?

The Verruca Pen PE II works on a verruca by disrupting the virus that hides in the skin. It will evaporate the skin cells around it. In turn this prompts an immune response from your body to fight the virus and clear the verruca.

Is Plasma Verruca Treatment Painful?

Plasma verruca removal is not painful and is well tolerated by adults and children.

Do I need a dressing after treatment?

The verruca pen self-seals and will leave a brownish/black area. This will drop off in a week or so. Do not be tempted to pick it.

Will my foot be sore after treatment?

Your foot will generally feel much better after the verruca session. The hard skin around the verruca will have been removed beforehand and there will therefore be less pressure on the verruca. There is no residual discomfort afterwards. You can carry on with your life as normal.

How many sessions do I need?

You will need at least 2 sessions and probably more. It is difficult to say exactly how many you will need, as verrucae are notoriously difficult to treat. Most people need 3 or 4 sessions. Your practitioner will discuss all the options with you during your consultation so that you can decide if this is the right option for you.

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