SWIFT Verrucae Treatment Hove & Brighton

Who can benefit from Swift verruca treatment?

Almost anyone who has stubborn warts and verrucas can benefit from Swift.

There are no specific contra-indications to Swift and anyone who has warts/verrucas on their hands or feet can benefit.


How does Swift verruca treatment work?

Swift treatment consists of five second bursts of microwaves.

Large and multiple sites can be treated during each appointment.

The microwaves are applied through a specialised applicator direct to the wart/verruca. Your Podiatrist may prepare the site by gently shaving off overlying dead skin with a scalpel.

Treatment is applied in five second bursts and can be applied to one or multiple sites with a short pause between each application. The number of sites to be treated can be discussed with one of our Podiatrists.


What will the wart/verruca look like after it has been treated and how quickly will it work?

Immediately after the treatment there will be no change to the appearance of the wart/verruca.

A change should start to show after a few days.

Swift works by prompting an immune response and time is needed for the process to gather pace.

That is why there is a gap of at least two weeks between treatments.

As regression is established the verruca will shrink in from the edges at the same time as reducing in thickness.

The dermal ridges or ‘fingerprint’ of the underlying tissue will gradually re-establish itself as the verruca resolves.

A follow up visit will allow one of Podiatrists in Hove and Southwick to evaluate any changes and make a decision on whether or not you require another Swift application.

Swift Treatment: Before & After